We are a French startup helping families to create amazing moments of life by allowing parents to share their passion with their kids.

Whether for sports, outdoor, travelling or daily life, Kid’venture provides safety, comfort and versatility at all times thanks to innovative features.

We are involved into research, development and sale of mobility solutions for babies and kids serving this purpose.


At Kid’Venture our mission is to help families to create and share incredible moments of life with children from an early age.

Investing our know-how to serve discovering the world, adventure, sport and family travel.

Our commitment is to design products that will follow you in your wildest adventures as well as in your everyday life.

Wishing to pass on the wonders of our world to future generations, we have to provide parents some products & features that facilitate their discovery.

Is key

At Kid’Venture, we strongly believe that innovation can be a great way to open new exploration lanes.

Thanks to new concepts and materials, but also innovative functions & features,
we want to improve the safety and comfort of children and parents, on all terrains at all times.

Our offer will be splitted into two major product lines, one dedicated to family sports and the second to family traveling & urban life.

Our team is committed to ensure that parents and children can share incredible moments of life, create passions for the outside world, and lasting memories !

Our world is full of amazing places and things, so don’t wait to start discovering them

Can’t wait to see you in the great outdoors