An innovative product

The first multi-activity children's wear combining protection, comfort and technology.


of our jewel box


to safety

The name of our product, ECRINS, draws its inspiration directly from the emblematic mountain range of the Hautes Alpes and the national park of the same name, which shelters and preserves our natural treasures.
In French, an "écrin" also refers to a jewelry box in which we store our most precious possessions.

It was with this in mind that we imagined and designed our trailer.
It combines the demands and robustness of the mountains with the precision and meticulousness of a jewel case. Thanks to the use of high-tech materials such as carbon and Kevlar, renowned for their strength and lightness, we are committed to protecting children from falls and impacts, on all terrains and in all weathers.

But what does this mean in concrete terms?
It enables us to obtain a trailer offering :


more protection than existing products


less weight

The carbon structure protects against shocks and impacts, thanks in particular to its rigidity and minimal deformation.


Optimum comfort and ease of use

As well as the safety aspect, comfort is also a key consideration. To better meet children's needs, we have developed a new generation of 3D-printed protective foams. In addition to excellent shock absorption, they are also extremely comfortable, ultra-light, breathable, washable and adjustable.

3D printing technology enables us to manufacture foams to suit all ages of child, allowing the trailer to grow with them.

We can create newborn reducers, for children as young as 6 months,
or simple comfort foams for older children.
A very practical aspect of these foams is that their composition makes them completely insensitive to humidity, so they are machine washable and dry very quickly.


and stability

To ensure that our product keeps up with parents in all circumstances, we had to design a versatile, high-performance chassis.

Made of aluminum tubing, it is the perfect compromise between lightness and strength. It can be used on all types of terrain.


On-board technology

In addition to structural innovations, we want to provide parents with even more features for their children's safety and comfort.

We have developed an on-board electronic system that offers parents a whole range of new possibilities.

Directly inspired by drone technology,
our system is compact and lightweight.

It allows parents to control the environment inside the
trailer by regulating the temperature to cope easily with the vagaries of the weather, for example, or to take advantage of real-time video transmission enabling them to keep an eye on their child without having to turn around, take their eyes off the road or interrupt their practice.

Our system also filters the air entering the trailer, protecting
children from pollution and exhaust fumes, particularly when traveling
in urban areas.